Newcomer Hegg Energy builds the energy system of the future together with its users

Greening the energy grid starts with a smart home battery and a dynamic energy contract

Amsterdam, 12 July 2023 - Hegg Energy is not a traditional energy brand. Hegg, which stands for Home Energy for a Greener Grid, wants to mobilize as many energy users as possible who generate their own electricity to build the energy system of the future together. With much more use of our own solar power, own storage and thus a greener energy network. As of today, the newcomer offers the first two concrete solutions: a dynamic energy contract and a smart home battery.

Building the People's Power Plant together

The energy world is changing rapidly. Consumers generate their own energy, and will soon be storing and distributing themselves in the future. The Heggers Project will help consumers on that journey. In the first instance by making better use of their self-generated solar energy and also by already playing a role in the energy market. Wesley de Kruijff, CEO Hegg Energy: "The energy industry often talks about a virtual power plant, but we call it 'the People's Power Plant'. Our users, whom we call Heggers, are not only central to this, but also benefit yourself. That's how it should be."

More value from solar power

By making smarter use of energy generated at home with a dynamic energy contract and a smart home battery from Hegg, households can not use 30% of the generated solar power themselves, but up to 70%. Peter-Jan Karens, CTO at Hegg Energy adds: “The battery can be charged by smart control with self-generated solar energy or with dynamic energy; when electricity is cheapest. In addition, Hegg's smart control ensures that the power you don't use is returned at the best price. In this way, Heggers automatically optimize their energy bill in real time.”

More social impact, less impact on the environment

Hegg Energy is an initiative of The Sharing Group, a fast-growing family of 'Good Sharing' tech companies with the same mission: more social impact, less impact on the environment. Besides MyWheels, Mijndomein Energie and EnergyZero are also part of The Sharing Group. With Hegg Energy, The Sharing Group wants to help accelerate the energy transition by adding energy storage in a community-driven way.

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Peter-Jan Karens, CTO and Wesley de Kruijff, CEO at Hegg Energy

About The Sharing Group

TSG opereert binnen verschillende markten met een focus op tech, energy en mobility. Begonnen vanuit Nederland breidt de organisatie gestaag uit naar de rest van Europa. Altijd en overal vanuit hetzelfde vertrekpunt: meer social impact, minder impact op het milieu. TSG doet dat vanuit verschillende creatieve hubs door heel Nederland, van Rotterdam en Lelystad tot Amsterdam. Check website

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