GreenMobility trusts users and employees to car-sharing market leader MyWheels

Amsterdam, January 19, 2023 – Dutch customers of car-sharing provider GreenMobility are entrusted to car-sharing provider MyWheels. A portion of the employees is also making the switch. From the first of February, GreenMobility is leaving Amsterdam, and consequently, the Netherlands. With this transition, customers gain access to a fleet three times larger in Amsterdam. MyWheels, in this way, fortifies its market leadership. Additionally, this marks the next step in achieving the car-sharing provider's mission: making car-sharing accessible and affordable for everyone, contributing to greener, more livable streets with fewer cars.

GreenMobility chose MyWheels due to their leading position in the Netherlands. Customers will experience the smoothest transition, accompanied by extra benefits, including a complimentary first ride. Moreover, this switch provides access to a broader range of options. Over 900 cars are available within walking distance in Amsterdam, compared to GreenMobility's 180 cars. Furthermore, customers can choose from approximately 20 different car models, compared to the two models offered by GreenMobility.

Kasper Gjedsted, CEO of GreenMobility, states, "GreenMobility is delighted about the agreement with the Netherlands' largest car-sharing company. We are also pleased that our employees and customers have the opportunity to find a new home at MyWheels, a company that shares the same values as GreenMobility."

GreenMobility employees join MyWheels

Some of the Dutch GreenMobility employees can also make the transition to MyWheels and join their workforce. Initially, these employees will focus on ensuring a smooth transition for former GreenMobility customers.

Henri de Jong, CEO of MyWheels, says, "We are very pleased that GreenMobility trusts us to accommodate its customers and employees. This way, we collectively take a step forward in the ambition to make cities more livable and offer accessible and affordable car-sharing to everyone."

GreenMobility Car-Sharing Exits the Netherlands

GreenMobility's 180 car-sharing cars leave the Netherlands to scale up operations in other cities where the company is active. The organization aims to optimize by concentrating on markets where they can have the most impact.

About MyWheels

MyWheels is the largest car-sharing platform in the Netherlands, with car-sharing vehicles spread across approximately 90 Dutch cities. In Amsterdam alone, there are over 900 vehicles. Both the private and business markets are served, with a total of 111,217 members. MyWheels believes that only one million cars are needed to keep the Netherlands mobile. This creates more space on the streets, more greenery, and makes a significant contribution to the environment. MyWheels also takes the next step in the energy transition with We Drive Solar. Residents in Utrecht can be the first in the Netherlands to experience on a large scale the positive impact of a 'mobile neighborhood battery.'

About GreenMobility

GreenMobility provides modern urbanites with easy, flexible, and sustainable transportation through electric car-sharing. Users access these cars through the GreenMobility app. Rides are paid per minute, through minute packages, daily rates, or via a subscription. Currently, GreenMobility operates a total of 1,600 electric vehicles in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Antwerp, Brussels, and Helsinki. Over 250,000 people are registered as customers with GreenMobility.

About The Sharing Group

TSG opereert binnen verschillende markten met een focus op tech, energy en mobility. Begonnen vanuit Nederland breidt de organisatie gestaag uit naar de rest van Europa. Altijd en overal vanuit hetzelfde vertrekpunt: meer social impact, minder impact op het milieu. TSG doet dat vanuit verschillende creatieve hubs door heel Nederland, van Rotterdam en Lelystad tot Amsterdam. Check website

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